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Difficult Conversations and A SECRET are SRF (Vic) menu items, but all training can be accessed with SRF funds. Any of the training can be purchased with Kindy Uplift funding (Qld) if it aligns with the goals in your plan.


Training is a key part of Innovative Solutions packages.

Presentations can be completed face to face or online, live or on-demand.

All About 'All About Me' 
(NEW - free prerecorded introductory session)

A short, free, online only presentation introducing our template of a developmental profile

Sensory Processing and the A SECRET framework (SRF menu item- A SECRET) - 2.5 hours

We all use our senses to regulate our emotions. Some people find it harder than others as their surroundings can overwhelm them. Find out how to support them

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- seeing the big picture
- 2 hours

Learn about some of the challenges which autistic people face in a neurotypical society, and how best to support them in everyday settings.

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Creating inclusive environments - using SPACE

New content for educators, therapists, employers and anyone wishing to create an inclusive environment  for neurodivergent adults and children.

30 minute presentation can be paired with a reflection session. Perfect for a Lunch and Learn!

Understand the child, understand the challenging behaviour
- 1.5 hours

Information leads to support. Learn how to find out more about the behaviour, and more about the child in order to provide this important support.

Observing and Supporting
Play Skills -1.5 hours

Learn how to add supports and extensions to the play experiences in your program to match all children's abilities.

Difficult conversations - finding ways to collaborate with families (SRF Menu item) - 1.5 hours

Reflect on some of the barriers which may be impacting on a family's capacity to seek additional support for their child.

Supporting Communication
- 1 hour

Learn simple everyday strategies to support communicators at all ages and stages


Use this form to make sure you allocate the correct amount of your SRF funds or request an itemised quote for Innovative Solutions. Most training will be available through SRF funding. Please check the SRF Menu to confirm whether you will use Menu item funding, or Flexible funding. If you have fewer than 5, but would like to access a Zoom session, keep an eye open for our webinar events which you can purchase tickets to.

Whole Centre Coaching


Each coaching package is tailored to the needs and budget of the centre and will contain many or all of the following components.

Contact us to arrange a personalised quote.

Young Teacher Lecturing

Inclusion Mentorship -
Individual Coaching Package

Are you currently in, or considering a move to, one of these roles?

  • Early Childhood or Primary teacher

  • Inclusion Consultant

  • Educational Leader

  • Inclusion Support Coordinator

  • Inclusion Professional

  • Preschool Field Officer

  • Early Childhood Approach Coordinator (NDIS)

  • Transdisciplinary therapist

  • Early Childhood Intervention Keyworker

  • Disability Support Worker

  • Therapy Assistant

This package is designed just for you!

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